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Black Sea coast and Danube Delta


The south-eastern part of Romania bordered to the Black Sea coast in the east and the Danube in the west, by Ukraine in the north and Bulgaria in the south comprises the Romanian historical region called Dobrogea.

Within this area one can find tracks going back to long forgotten times. Ancient and medieval trade routes between Europe and the Orient crossed this lowland. The former harbor of Histria dating back to the 7th century BC is maybe the oldest town on Romanian territory and its ruins can be visited even today. In the central square of the Old Town of Constanta, today's largest Romanian harbor, but known as Tomis in ancient times, we can find the statue of the Roman poet Ovidius who was exiled here at the end of his life. The churches of Celic Dere and Cocos build in the first centuries AD stand proof for the long history of Christianity on Romanian territory - similar to the martyrs from the 3rd - 5th centuries AD recently discovered near the town of Mahmudia, deep within the Danube Delta. And in the harbor of Braila there was decided in medieval times the price of grains for entire Europe. Today, the southern part of Dobrogea which borders to the Black Sea is heavily used for harbor activities. In the northern part, almost half the coastline is bordered to the Danube of the Delta and stands under international protection as Biosphere Reservation. Interesting enough, the Danube Delta, which is the youngest territory in Europe, borders in the north to Dobrogea mountains, which are considered to be the eldest mountains on the globe.

For those who just want to have fun at the sea side, starting from Constanta and Mamaia southwards until Vama Veche, several amusement parks, long and fine beaches, open-air theatres, fine restaurants and numerous bazaars invite every year millions of people from Romania and abroad to a relaxing holiday on the Black Sea coast.

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