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Beginnings of Romania

Walachia Bran Castle

Located on the southern part of the Carpathians, the Romanian historical provence Wallachia is bordered by the river Danube in the west, south and east.

With an exquisite soil quality for argiculture, Wallachia is also the region with one of the largest oil fields in Europe. The oil refinery of Ploiesti, several steel factorys, the vehicle factory of Pitesti or the famous Iron Gates power plant on the Danube are only some of the industrial branches of Wallachia. Not to mention the fact that Bucharest, the (political, economical and administrative) capital of Romania, is located in the center of the Wallachian plane land.

The region is well known already from Roman times as the first thermal baths were opened at today's city of Herculane. Roman and Dacian remains were found troughout Wallachia. Vlad the Impeller, famous also under the name of Dracula, ruled the region several years and is burried here. The only pure Romanian architectural style (Brancovenesc style) was initiated in Wallachia and one can still see several buildings in this style, the most famous beeing the Horezu monastery, listed by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. There are still several other unique monasteries and churces in this region, like Manole monastery in Curtea de Arges, where the royal family is burried, or "Dintr-un lemn"-church, constructed from one single tree.

Bucharest, the capital of Wallacha since 1459 and afterwards the capital of Romania, offers a very large diversity of attractions. Here one can enjoy the remains of "Little Paris" (as the city was called at the turn to the 20 th centuy) while wondering trough the old town, admire the largest university of Romania or attend one of many concerts held at the Romanian Opera house or at the Romanian Athenaeum, and of course enjoy the nightlife of the largest city in Romania.

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