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Romania in the Middle Ages

Short facts about Romania in the Middle Ages

The Roman occupation was followed by several waves of invasions: Slavs (6 th century), Bulgars (9 th century), Magyars (9 th century), Tatars (13 th century) and many other smaller ones. By the 12 th century Transylvania was included as autonomous region in the Kingdom of Hungary . The other 2 large Romanian historical regions, Moldova and Wallachia , were formed in the 13 th century. Facing the enlarging Ottoman Empire which conquered Constantinople in 1453, they fell first under Ottoman suzerainty and by the beginning of the 18 th century they were occupied by the Turks - the Fanariots. For a short period of time, Transylvania also fell under Ottoman suzerainty.

1600, Michael the Brave united for the first time the three principalities under one flag, but one year later he was assassinated by the Hungarians and the unification dissolved. 1699 Transylvania became a possession of the expanding Austrian Empire, which acquired also a large part of Wallachia in 1718 and returned it in 1739. Shortly afterwards (1775), northern Moldova was also occupied, while the rest of the province fell 1812 under the Russian influence.

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