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General informations

Country name Romania (RO) - addopted 1862, after the unification of Moldova with Wallachia
Location South-Eastern Europe
45° north (middle distance between Equator and North Pole)
25° east
Main cities Bucharest (capital), Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Constanta, Suceava
Administrative division 41 counties and Bucharest municipality (2,5 million inhabitants)
263 towns out of which 25 with over 100.000 inhabitants
National Day Dec. 1st (Unification of the Romanian historical regions and proclamation of the Republic of Romania, 1918)
Coat of Arms (adopted 1992) Eagle holding a cross in its beak and a sword and a scepter in its claws as well as the symbols of the 5 historical provinces: Walachia, Moldova, Transylvania, Maramures, Dobrogea.
Language Romanian, of Latin origin.
Also spoken: german, hungarian, english, french.
Currency Romanian LEU
Religion main: Romanian Orthodox
also: Catholic, Lutheran, Refomed, Muslim, Jewish, Adventist, Unitarian, Pentecostal, Baptist
Population and ethnic groups 21.698.181 (2002): 89% Romanians, 7% Hungarians, Gipsies (2,5%)
several other minorities: Germans, Turks, Jews, Serbians, Croatians, Armenians, Greeks, Ukraniean etc.
Surface 238.391 sqkm (11th of Europe, 79th in the world)
Climate temperate continental;
winter: cold, frequent snow
summer: hot, with showers, storms
Terrain hills (33%)
mountains (31%)
plains (36%)
Black Sea - 0m, Moldoveanu - 2.544m
Telephony International code +0040
mobile phone networks: Vodafone, Orange, Zapp, Cosmorom.

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