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Arbore monastery

The highest general of Stephen the Great's armies, Luca Arbore, erected this church in 1502 and dedicated it to John the Baptist. The simple rectangular construction without a tower, received the first open entrance room in Moldova. Though, the interior is very similar to the traditional Moldavian architectural style.

Arbore church is surrounded by a small symbolic wall. In 1538 it was destroyed by the Ottoman armies, which also melted the bells from the southern fašade to cannon balls. In comparison to all other painted monasteries where local masters were at work, Dragos Coman of Iasi who painted this church for decades was a trained artist who studied at well renowned schools of Italy. His figures as well as the colors he used show a significant difference to the other monasteries. Also interesting is the fact that this monastery uses two predominant colors (the other one, like all the other ones). The exterior painting is damaged in a high degree, but the southern fašade impresses by the richness of characters.

Arbore painted church was the first one to be included on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List.

arbore monastery arbore monastery

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