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Humor monastery

From the old monastic compound, today only some remains of the defense walls and the impressive 1641 build guarding tower can be seen. The first monastery was build in 1415, not far from today's church, which was build in 1530. During the Habsburgs, the monastery was closed and was reopened only 1991. Already from it's beginning, Humor monastery was an important cultural center of Moldova, best proof being the Bible from 1473 which can be found today in the museum of Putna monastery.

For the first time in Moldavian religious architecture, the monastery has an open porch. The real treasure of Humor church is the exterior painting (with red as predominant color) which was undertaken in 1535 by master Toma of Suceava. Big part of the painting is dedicated (like the church itself) to Mother Mary. The most valuable frescoes can be found on the southern side: the Akathystos Hymn. Very well preserved is also The Fall of Constantinople.

humor monastery

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